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We do not believe there is only one reason to pray. For some, prayer is communicating with God. For others, prayer is a time when we can gather as a community to rehearse our community’s values and share a part of our lives together. What does unite us as community is the joy we gain by being together. We raise our spirits when we raise our voices in song. Our contemporary melodies and infectious enthusiasm creates a place where delight and good humor are woven together with the message that we can make this world a better place. We hope you will join us and lend your voice to ours so that our hopes and prayers will rise jubilantly to heaven.

Our services are fully egalitarian (men and women participate equally). We believe we have found a healthy balance between the traditional and the creative. Services are mixed English and Hebrew. We use both traditional and contemporary melodies. People who attend vary from those with Orthodox backgrounds to Jewish by choice.  But our services are Reform.